Flower Handbag Gift

A beautiful selection of seasonal flowers and foliage carefully arranged into a hessian handbag. We like to stock the best of the season, so all of our bags featured are inspired by the best of what that season has to offer.

All our flower handbag gifts have a waterproof lining to hold the branded floral foam which has been soaked in conditioned water, to ensure the maximum life of your flowers and foliage. Flower handbags are an excellent gift for someone who prefers to have the flowers arranged for them by an expert. All floral gifts come with flower food sachets. Mix the sachets in water and top up the floral foam a little every day or as needed to keep the foam wet and the flowers drinking!

Please note: This is a representation of the type of flowers we may use depending on the availability at the time. Your flower handbag will be beautiful but may vary from the picture. The price range reflect the overall size, flower stem count and flower value used. We will try to include your preference for flowers and overall colour scheme whenever possible so please fill in the box below. Specific requests can usually be met with a few days notice.