Special Occasions

There are any number of special occasions that are enhanced by your selecition of flowers

Celebration and Occasion Flowers

From Valentines to Mothers Day, commemorating birthdays or new arrivals.
Beautiful baby arrangements or Anniversary arrangements can be requested.

Romantic ivory rose box bouquet

Romantic ivory rose box bouquet

Gift Bouquets

Flowers can be the most romantic note to celebrate those special occasions…

And there are many other celebrations that can be enhanced with the right touch, from work promotions to graduations to ‘congratulations on your happy news’.
Get-Well-Soon Bouquets can be enhanced with a box of handmade Barbelo chocolates to cheer them up…
Or perhaps you’d choose a simple bouquet to say ‘thank you’ or maybe even ‘Welcome home’ after a stint of ill-health or cheer them out of those holiday blues.

Seasonal Flowers

We also love seasonal Christmas Flowers or special details for Easter or Halloween.
Talk to us about catering for your favourite holiday or occasion.