Daffodils – to mix or not to mix?

Despite the storms of the past few weeks along the coast of Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo, the daffodils are starting to show their pretty golden heads. I want to share a couple of tips for getting the most of your spring flowers.

If you intend to use daffodils in floral arrangements with other flowers, I hope this blog helps:

  • Cut at least 1″ off the bottom of the stem
  • Place your cut daffodils in a clean container or vase with cool (not freezing!) water conditioned with floral food from your florist. Mix quantities according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • The white sap from the stems of the daffodil has a bad reputation as being lethal to other flowers. In truth, the sap from freshly cut daffodils can block the stems of other flowers in the same vase. For that reason, it is best to keep them isolated from other flowers for at least SIX HOURS.
  • After six hours conditioning, it is safe to use the daffodils in an arrangement with other flowers provided the stems are not recut, as more sap will be released.
  • When placing a daffodil stem into wet floral foam, I find the stems are easier to place & maintain their position if a plastic straw is inserted into the base of the stem first.
  • Bottom line, if you are arranging flowers in a vase, it is probably best to keep your daffs away from other flowers due to the risk of sap leaking into the water in the vase.
  • Daffodils are beautiful enough…enjoy them while we have them.
Springtime daffodil, gyp with modern wire collar

Springtime daffodils & gyp with modern wire collar


I hope you like my wedding bouquet for a beautiful Donegal bride, living in lovely Leitrim and passionate about daffodils. Her wedding flowers were all inspired by her love for this seasonal favourite growing annually in her garden.



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